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Welcome to Try-Guitars

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About Try-Guitars:

Like most players I was constantly looking for the guitar of my dreams. 

I have played a lot of guitars in my life, but there was always something missing. Hence I was always modifying my guitars just to get closer to the one I had in mind. At some point I started putting down my ideas on paper and what started as a personal project, ended with the decision to make our monsters available to other enthusiasts.

The first run of Try-Guitars were made in Japan, finally we switched the production to South Korea. Designed in Switzerland, from the first draft to the end of production we care about utmost precision and attention to detail. We use Seymour Duncan, Bare Knuckle, Hipshot and Gotoh hardware to ensure high quality standards.

Check out the Try-Guitars in the "Monsters" tab.

The 1st production batch will be available for pre-ordering on our "Store" soon.
In the meantime check out our store for current products availability.

For further informations drop an email to info@try-guitars.com.

I hope you enjoy the guitars as much as I do, 

Pick hard!


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